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Private Consultations and Coaching with Barbara Berger

Thanks to modern technology, we can talk via Skype, Zoom or telephone no matter where in the world you are located. So if you’d like to have a private session with me about your situation and your challenges, you are welcome to contact me. We can talk about anything you need to talk about – and hopefully I may be able to help you get a little more clarity in your life.

_B4N8128xxMost people contact me to talk about problems in their relationships, problems at work, problems with their children and family, and/or health problems. We often explore issues like understanding the amazing power of mind, healthy boundaries, learning to be more assertive, learning how to take better care of yourself – and learning how to see the difference between your expectations and reality.

Others come to me because they want some guidance, advice and/or coaching in terms of their personal and spiritual development. If you’ve read any of my books, you know that I have a wide variety of focusing exercises and consciousness tools that we can work with. Plus I can help you design a daily program so you can actually use the tools we are working with in your daily life to achieve real results.

I speak English and Danish.

To book a session
If you want to book a session send an e-mail to: info (at) or call me at (+45) 35 26 40 77.

For people who live outside of Denmark – telephone or Skype/Zoom sessions
If you live outside of Denmark, I do sessions on Zoom or Skype or by telephone. My rates are very reasonable. And since I believe that everyone should be able to afford to have a talk with me, my rates are based on your income. For people who are earning a reasonable income, I charge $90 USD for 1 hour. $45 USD for 30 minutes. But if you are financially challenged, in a low income bracket, or are a student or retired or unemployed, you only pay ½ price. So you pay only $45 for a 1 hour session.  Kindly pay for your session in advance.  Click here and scroll down for the payment button:

For English-speaking people who live in Denmark, Sweden and Norway
Since it’s important to me that everyone who wants to work with me can, I charge according to income, as follows: Payment for sessions at my office in Copenhagen (or by telephone or Skype/Zoom if you live far from Copenhagen): DKK 600 per session (1 hour). DKK 400 per session (1 hour) for students, senior citizens and the unemployed. DKK 800 per session (1 hour) for people with incomes above DKK 350,000 annually. DKK 1000 for couple sessions or family sessions. Payment either in cash or by MobilePay to MyShop number 204500. For payment by credit card, see:

Cancellation policy for people who live in Denmark, Sweden and Norway
Cancellations later than 6 PM the day before your session cost DKK 400. No show full price. Our office telephone is a landline – does not receive text messages. So please call or send an e-mail if you want to change your time.